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Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace of Original Trinitario Fine Cocoa, a historic and award-winning form of fine-flavour cocoa that is highly sought ​after particularly by artisan chocolatiers and gourmet chefs. It's claim to fame is that it was indeed first hybridized in Trinidad and is therefore Trinidad and Tobago's gift to the world. The global market for fine-flavour cocoa, notably organic varieties, is growing significantly faster than the global market for bulk (ordinary) cocoa, reflecting growing emphasis by consumers on quality, traceability, and sustainability of products.  


The Original Trinitario Cocoa and Chocolate (OTC) Not for Profit organization acts as catalyst for sustainable growth of the cocoa industry in the Caribbean, generating foreign exchange and offering diversified employment throughout the value chain, including for women, who already dominate artisan production locally. The OTC comprises of cocoa growers, suppliers, buyers and down-stream processors, with the contributing support of government and regional agricultural research centres. The unique value of this initiative is the production of organic, low-cadmium fine-flavour cocoa with the pedigree of being the home and cradle of Original Trinitario cocoa.  


The OTC was created in a response to a market need and desire by our members to incorporate more environmentally friendly and socially sustainable cocoa farming and processing operations.  


Our group consists of award-winning cocoa farmers and chocolate makers that share the common goal of making the local cocoa and chocolate industry more equitable, internationally oriented, and economically viable.  


To achieve that purpose, some of its key goals and objectives include: 

  • technical assistance to producers with the objective to follow regenerative practices, improve field productivity, improve soil health, and enhance bean quality through tailored post-harvest practices.

  • establish organic cocoa nurseries and clonal gardens.

  • organic certification of cluster agents and quality verification in independent laboratories.

  • technical assistance on marketing, packaging, distribution, and exporting.

  • enhanced transparency and management of the value chain through technology.


Innovative Products

Our region is renowned for cocoa innovation and we are proud that OTC members are continuously raising the bar.

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Board Members & Advisors

OTC Manager
Tobias Schulze Frenking - UBERGREEN

OTC Directors
Isabel Brash - COCOBEL

Dr. Stephanie Omardean - OMARBEANS

Rene Sperber - UBERGREEN

OTC Advisory Team

Jaqueline & Martin Matthew - TAMANA MOUNTAIN


Daniel Barcant - COCOA REPUBLIC



Our Impact Standards

•Regenerative agriculture

•Preservation of the cocoa heritage (original Trinitario varieties)

•Producer capacity building

•Women-owned firms growt

•Involvement of youth and migrant population

•Digital traceability (Orijin)

•Value-add at origin

•Be part of our OTC corporate chocolate and cocoa value-add sampling offer


Wholesale Inquiries

Become an OTC business partner and support the cocoa producers and processors of the OTC today!


Tobias Schulze Frenking

OTC Manager



The basis of OTC is rooted in education and advocacy.  We exist to support our members with the resources necessary for growth in many core areas of business.

Please check our events calendar for upcoming webinars and training sessions.

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