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Please support our filmmakers to finish the movie about the origin of Trinitario Cacao 🎥

‘Trinitario – On The Edge’

A film by Denise Speck & Oliver Milne

Consequences of climate change and societal developments endanger the future of chocolate products while changing consumption patterns in the global chocolate market increasingly pledge ethical choices; These pledges include a focus on single-origin and specialty products that provide consumers with transparency, traceability, and trustworthiness along the entire supply chain.

The short film ‘Trinitario – On the Edge’ builds on a novel field research by Denise Speck who works as a storytelling consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to create authentic stories about cocoa farmers of the Organic Trinitario Cocoa (OTC) Foundation in Trinidad &Tobago. Storytelling enables people to understand what we do as humans to make sense of the world and how we understand our relationship with the world; An understanding that is particularly relevant within responsible supply chains, where storytelling adds value at every stage of the chain, increasing the sustainable value creation for all actors involved.

‘Trinitario – On the Edge’ is directed by Denise Speck and Oliver Milne and seeks to create a richer experience about the organic cocoa sector and its challenges in Trinidad and Tobago. It seeks to emphasize that cocoa and chocolate are on track to go extinct due to climate change and generational repulsion. Therefore, the documentary will follow the story of four protagonists representing three generations of Trinbagonians and provide insights into their daily lives on the estates, their struggles, dreams, and opportunities; All captured on a 16mm analog camera. Its message shall foster global awareness about the incredible wealth of Trinitario Cocoa and inspire farmers around the world to change to more sustainable farming methods to protect our environment and ensure a rich biodiversity for our planet’s future.

Have a look at the teaser and be part of this journey by supporting the film crew to finish the short film in the quality Trinitario Cocoa and its farmers deserve it.



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